Other works to be finished include paintings of Andre Breton, Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein, David Bowie, Bob Dylan and Andy Warhol.


Small Self-portraits and Still-lives are also in progress, as well as some works from imagination, based on the human figure.


The painting of Andy Warhol is an unusual work for me and is the summation of everything I have done up to this one picture,  after which point a new direction will be possible, having brought everything up to this stage in my work to a conclusion.  



Completed working on Commission for a painting on 15th December 2011.


I have now begun re-working small paintings in various stages of completion, beginning with the painting of an hour-glass that I began in 2008.  There is not too much to do on this work in order to finish it.

Neil Gordon


In the Studio c.1988


Colin. Oil on Card 1987.  Private Collection.


This is a photograph of a painting that I have just received of a painting that I have not seen since 1987.


In the Flat//studio c.2011


Andy Warhol.  Watercolour on Paper.  (Detail. Taken just before completion)


Completed the Andy Warhol painting in Early September, after working on it for over four years, on and off, between working on other paintings.


Orange Tree and Hour Glass.  Both Oil on canvas.


Two paintings completed after finishing the Commission of Annie and Lilly in December 2011.The painting to the right, 'Hour Glass', was completed just before the end of 2011, and the painting to the left, 'Orange Tree', was completed early in 2012.


After these two works were finished I re-commenced the Andy Warhol paintng and during the Summer months worked on some larger paintings from imagination, and other unfinished and ongoing pictures, and some studies for new works.

Paintings that I have yet to finish, some from as long ago as 1982, include the following subjects;


Vauxhall Bridge


Southwark Town Hall


Surrey Quays Station


Greenwich Park




Study of Vermeer's 'Astronomer'


Study of Vermeer's 'Geographer'


Keats Still- life


Portraits of Salvador Dali


Portrait of Andre Breton


Portraits of Marilyn Monroe


Portraits of David Bowie


Portrait of Cesar Pavese


Portraits of Antonin Artaud


Portrait of Einstein


'Save your Desire'.  Based on the Meeting of Surrealists at Andre Bretons's Appartment on 4th February 1934


Portrait of Andre Breton and Paul Eluard, Founders of the Surrealist Movement


The Student (Homage to Picasso) (Begun February 2013, from small study made in c.1998)


The Astronaut


Religious, Mythological and Imaginative themes and ideas, from Pre-history to the Future



Head neil10

Aged 10, Kidlington, Oxford

"The outcome of independence is solitude"  Charles Baudelaire



News (continued)

The outcome of solitude is independence

flower_1985 ald1 DSC_1567 (2)c

David Bowie c.1998 - 2019.  Acrylic on Paper.

When considering the central core at the heart of Painting, several years ago, I realised it was humanity.  As a result of this I wrote a short Essay, which I called, 'Reality, Humanity and Painting'.


It was later, at a critical point in my work, when I had almost reached the conclusion that everything had already been said through painting, that I searched for some reason to carry on painting at all, and one image flashed into my head, visually.  This was the drawing of Isabelle D'Este by Leonardo Da Vinci.  It was the fact that someone 500 years ago had made a record of humanity and what it meant to be human.  This was the inspiration for the continuation of the effort to paint.


Without humanity Art loses its soul and becomes little more than an empty husk of humanity.